• Teams

    Animal Angels Foundation teams consist of all kinds of animal enthusiasts who are interested in Animal Assisted Therapy and who believe in spreading the joy and love of animals to those in need.
    Our teams consist of pet owners who volunteer with their pets, mental /medical health professionals trained as Animal assisted therapists and other volunteers from various fields like IT, business, house wives, media personalities etc.

    Our therapy animals are pets owned by loving families. Not just dogs but cats, birds and fish are also a part of our team. These animals are screened for their health, temperament and personality , after which they get trained along with their owners for therapy visits. These therapy animals then assist mental/medical health professionals as co-therapists or visit special schools and institutes with their owners.

    Animal Angels Foundation function in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore and is in process to expand to different cities in India.

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  • Human Resource

    Mrs. Tina Gandhi
    Fund Raising.
    Tina Gandhi has recently joined Animal Angels as a Fund Raising consultant. She has completed her diploma in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS and is a freelance fund raiser. She has previously worked at RPG as an India head Fund Raising Manager.

    Ms. Bansari Pandya
    HR Consultant.
    Bansari Pandya is an Industrial psychologist. She is associated with Animal Angels for past 7 years. She has worked with Animal Angels on few projects like David  Sassoon  Industrial  School, Academy  of  Learning  and  Development. Bansari will be working with Animal Angels as an HR consultant.

    Aditi Bodas
    Aditi Bodas is our youngest therapist. She is trained under Minal Kavishwar for five years as an Animal Therapist. She is pursuing her graduation in psychology and Dr. Chandlers course in AAT. She and her Therapy dog Ella make a great team.

    Zahra Poonawala
    Zahra Poonawala is the latest to join the team of therapist. She is a Clinical Psychologist who has mostly worked with adults with psychiatric disorders. She has interned with Green Chimney, a renowned organization in US working in the field of AAT and is currently working with Animal Angels on our AAA project. Passionate about animals and creating awareness about mental health, Zahra holds a vision of incorporating horses in her practice. Zahra is currently working in Dubai as an Animal Assisted Therapist.

    Manali Ranadive
    Manali Ranadive is a Clinical Psychologist and working with Animal Angels Foundation as an Animal Therapist and volunteer since the past eight years. She has worked with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. She has a natural connection with animals and excellent with children. She is currently studying forensic psychology in Ahmadabad.

    Tejashree Mujumdar
    Tejashree Mujumdar is a Clinical Psychologist associated with Animal Angels since the past four years. She specializes in working with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She mainly uses the ABA technique along with animal therapy as her mode of treatment.

    Saee Mulay
    Saee Mulay is a passionate animal enthusiast. She is currently perusing her Masters in counseling psychology. Trained under Minal as an animal therapist, she has successfully implemented AAT in school setting.

    Shweta Sohoni
    Dr. Shweta Sohoni is a practicing physiotherapist and incorporates therapy animals while working with people with various physical disabilities. She has been associated with Animal Angels since the past eight years and has implemented AAT in various aspects of her field.

    Kasturi Sane Soman
    Kasturi Sane Soman and Casper are a great team when it comes to spreading joy. Kasturi has completed DR Cynthia Chandler’s course in AAT and is implementing AAT for Alzheimer patients in Bangalore.

    Madhura Lonkar
    Madhura Lonkar is a postgraduate student of Counseling Psychology. She is a compassionate person and share a special bond with her pet parrot. She is currently working with Animal Angels on a project for children in conflict with law.

    Amit Kelkar
    Amit Kelkar is a Speech and Language Pathologist and is currently perusing his PhD in USA. He has been associated with Animal Angels since its conception. He has trained his buddy Donut, who is a Golden Retriever to be a Therapy Dog. He is also working at an Alzheimer care center where he and his Therapy dog Donut work with the patients.

  • Therapy Dogs

    • Mumbai


      Work Profile:

      • The senior most therapy dog of the Animal Angels team
      • In-house therapy dog at Jidda School for Mentally retarded children, Thane,  since the past three and half years.
      • Worked as a therapy dog to provide TLC to families of the victims of 7/11 train blast victims.
      • Winner of Delta Society’s Beyond Limit Award 2007.

      Kutty, a golden Labrador, the first therapy dog of India, was a pet of the Bhosle family. Kutty was trained by Minal especially to be a therapy dog since she was four months old.  Kutty stayed with the principal and would come to the school every day with the Principle and work with the children throughout the school hours. Kutty had an amazing capacity to understand these children. She knew her work and her responsibility very well. She was full of love and compassion for these children. She gave them the much needed happiness and brings smiles on their faces.

      She was there when they need a warm hug or just want someone to be there with them. She played with children in wheelchairs, understood the children who could not speak, children with calipers and crutched would hold her leash and walk around the school.

      Therapy dog Kutty and Minal Kavishwar, registered as first Pet Partners from India with Delta Society, USA were awarded the Beyond Limit Award by Delta Society for best practicing professional team. (

      We lost Kutty in 2013 due to health complications. She was 10 years old and cared for dearly by the Bhosle family till the end. She has brought happiness and has changed the lives of many children. May God bless her soul

      Work Profile:
      • In-house therapy dog for a nine year old autistic boy for 5 months.
      • Companion dog for a BP patient for one year.
      • Volunteer dog for 7/11 blast rehabilitation
      • Visiting therapy dog at Sri Ma Snehadeep, a school for special children in Thane.

      Goldie is a beautiful Golden Retriever female, one of our senior most therapy dog  staying with the Srivastava family. Goldie started her career as an in-house therapy dog for an autistic child. She was instrumental in bringing about a major change in the expression levels and vocabulary of the autistic child. A child who would keep staring out of the window and not interact with anyone started responding to the tail wags of “Spongy” (as they had named her.)

      Later she worked as a companion dog for a busy business woman who was also suffering from high blood pressure. She helped her in de-stressing her life and bringing back the much needed healthy routine. “She is a wonderful companion and has helped me rediscover the lighter side of my life” says Mrs. Chunekar.

      Goldie is now the heart of the Srivastava family. A loving pet to the 2 children in the house she is under the able care of Mrs. Srivastava who says that Goldie is just like her third child. Goldie now volunteers as a visiting therapy dog for children with special needs.

      Work Profile:

      • Individual session with children with various developmental disabilities
      • Visiting therapy dog at Academy  of  Learning  and  Development

      Pepe is a second generation therapy dog from the Animal Angels squad. She is from the litter of two of our most experienced therapy dogs Scott and Kiara. Pepe has inherited her calm temperament from her father Scott and her ability to initiate interaction from her mother Kiara. She is trained to be a therapy dog by Aakash and Minal since she is 3 month old. Pepe is now a part of the Lonkar family and closely works with Aakash Lonkar in a variety of settings.

      Pepe loves to interact with children and has proved to be an excellent therapy dog in group sessions. Pepe loves to play with soft toys and like to watch birds from the balcony in her free time.

      Work Profile:
      • Therapy dog at Mookdhwani school for hearing and speech impaired
      • Visiting therapy dog for patients with Cerebral Palsy

      Aekon, is chocolate Labrador who works as a co-therapist with Dr. Shweta Sohini. He is very playful, attentive friendly. He’s a member of Shah family from Vile Parle, Mumbai.

      Aekon loves the ball, he loves to fetch no matter how many time the kids make him run. He is the reason children at Mookdhwani school for hearing and speech impaired children want to communicate and talk.

      Aekon assists our volunteer Dr. Shweta Sohini who is a physiotherapist working with children with hearing and speech impairment at Mookdhwani school in Vile Parle, Mumbai.

      Work Profile:

      • Therapy dog at Dinaz Wadia’s Disha centre

      Peg is a loveable light eyed Labrador belonging to famous Marathi theater personality Prashant Damle’s family. Peg loves to be the center of attention and has recently started his career as a therapy dog, visiting special schools along with his owner and handler Chandana Damle.

      His first work as a therapy dog was at the Dinaz Wadia’s Disha centre where he worked with children with special needs along with Chandana and Shweta Sohoni.

      Heidi / Tootsi

      Therapy dogs Hiedi is a beautiful Goldern Retriever and Therapy dog Tootsi is a loving and friendly Cocker Spaniel. Both of them are a part of the Kalawar family in Thane and both of them are volunteers with Animal Angels.

      Therapy dog Heidi was a part of our team which conducted a visiting program for the Mumbai Railway Police after the 26/11 terror attacks. Her soft golden fur helped most of them to overcome the sadness of losing their colleges in the attack.

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting Therapy dog

      Mr. Vishal Thakkar and his one year old ST. Bernard Onit form the newest owner-therapy dog team of Animal Angels. Onit is a very adorable and huggable young dog, who has an excellent temperament. He is trained by volunteers Aakash and Manasi to work with Animal Angels in various settings.

      Recently he along with Therapy dog Glodie assisted therapists and volunteers for an awareness program on AAT for post trauma stress.

      Age: 11 months
      Work Profile:
      • Assists on demonstrations of effect of animals on emotional wellbeing.
      • Animal Assisted Activities for Preschool Group at Jack -n-Jill nursery.

      The young member of the Animal Angels Junior Squad, Shadow has proven himself to be a very promising therapy dog candidate.

      At the age of 2 months he has done a wonderful job a the Animal Assisted Activity at the Jack-n-Jill nursery where the program ‘Introduction to Animals’ was conducted for the pre school children.

      A naught member of the Joshi family, Shadow came with a mission to make everyone around him laugh and smile.

      We lost our beloved Shadow on 23rd October 2007. This is an irreparable loss for all of us. Through out his life he fulfilled his mission of making everyone around him SMILE.

      May his soul rest in peace.

      Princess Nefertiti (Neffy)
      Work Profile:

      • Reading Buddy for Animal Assisted Reading sessions

      Princess Neffy is a beautiful two and a half year old female Labrador, a darling of the Desai family. Neffy is a very intelligent dog with a special liking for children. She never leaves a chance to be naught with Aryaman Desai who is like her elder brother.

      Neffy is a Reading Buddy and assists our volunteers for the Animal Assisted Reading sessions conducted at Crossword, Powai. Neffy will also be assisting us in our program for school children called as ‘Introduction to Animals’.

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting therapy dog for Sapling special school, Mumbai

      Coco is a bundle of happiness and the lifeline for Atul and Meghana Loke.  Trained as a pup to be a therapy dog by Aakash Lonkar, Coco is proved to be more than just a house pet. He is extremely attached to Meghana Loke and few years back when she developed  a severe back pain which made her take the bed for months, Coco was the one who figured out a way to warn her of the onset of the pain attacks. He was the sole reason for Meghana to push through the pain and walk him at least once a day, which helped her recover faster. He gave her the strength and confidence to hold her first exhibition in 10 years at the Kala Ghoda festival.

      Coco has also been a visiting therapy dog at various programs like the ‘Tails of Joy’ program at Crossword book stores. He was also the visiting therapy dog for the pilot program at David Sassoon Juvenile Delinquent center. In just 10 sessions the children got so attached to Coco that they were willing to change their behavior just to be able to meet Coco.

      Work Profile:

      • Reading buddy for Animal assisted reading sessions

      Oscar is a Golden Retriever who loves books. He is our ‘reading buddy’ for the Tails of Joy program. He and his handler Tanushree Banerjee make a wonderful team for the reading programs.

      Oscar has volunteered for the reading programs at Crossword book stores and is favorite among children.

    • Pune

      Work Profile:

      • In house therapy dog for the autistic children at Prasanna Autism Center

      Sophie is Animal Angels’s first therapy dog in Pune. Sophie was trained to be a therapy dog for the autistic children and currently works at the Prasanna Autism Center. A loving pet of the Godbole family Sophie is now an integral part of the children at Prasanna Autism Center.

      It was the initiative of Mrs. Padmaja Godbole, Founder of Prasanna Autism Center, to have an in-house Therapy Animal in the school for the children. Sophie is sensitive and responsive to the emotional needs of the autistic children. Many children who were not at all communicative or interactive have developed a close bond with Sophie. They may not be able to speak or communicate with others but when they come to the school they will call out for ‘Chopie’.

      Sophie gave birth to 9 health puppies on 25th December 2007. One of her pup, Naughty was trained as an in house therapy dog for Manavya AIDS orphanage.

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting Therapy dog at Bal Kalyan Sanstha and Anugraha rehabilitation centre.

      Ella is a female Labrador and a constant companion to Aditi Bodas. 3 years back when Aditi had an episode of depression, Ella was given to her to be her companion/therapy dog. Ella helped her find a reason to smile with her crazy tail wags and bouncy jumps. “If Ella could be happy all the time, why can’t I try?” This was the thought that helped Aditi come out of negativity. Ella’s favorite activity is to play ball, collect empty bottles and chew on dry coconuts.

      Aditi and Ella, both are now volunteers with Animal Angels. Aditi is perusing her graduation in Psychology and has done a course on Animal Assisted Therapy with Animal Angels. Ella works as a visiting therapy dog at Bal Kalyan Sanstha, with children with visual impairment and mental retardation. Her second generation is also helping people heal. One of her pup Shadow worked as a visiting therapy dog for Anugraha rehabilitation and her other pup Eliza was given as a in house companion dog at Athashree residential home for the senior citizen.

      Shadow Jr.
      Work Profile:

      • Visiting Therapy dog at Anugraha  Rehabilitation  Center

      Shadow Junior is the second generation of therapy dogs. He is one of the pup of Therapy dog Ella, born in March 2008. Shadow is now a family member of the Nanivdekar family. He is a very promising young dog, who has inherited the calm temperament of his mother Ella.

      Shadow visits Anugraha  Rehabilitation  Center, which is a special-need section of Ankur Vidya Mandir in Pune. Shadow has continued the therapy program where earlier his mother Ella used to work. The children instantly took on to this new vibrant pup who has been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in them.

      We lost Shadow a few years back due to health complications. May his soul rest in peace

      Work Profile:

      Mimi is a gorgeous Golden Retriever and a member of the Bhattacharya family in Pune. She is a very gentle, compassionate and loving dog. She is very attached to Suhani, daughter of Mr and Mrs Bhattacharya. Her compassionate eyes are the most striking feature when you meet her.

      Mimi is a visiting therapy dog for Orchid School in Pune. Mimi, along with Mr and Mrs Bhattacharya visit the Orchid school once a week where Mimi works with children with different disabilities.

      Every week the children look forward for a session with Mimi and have made tremendous improvement since Mimi has come into their lives. For a child with speech problems, Mimi was the one who did not laugh at his speech deficits and encouraged him to improve those difficulties. For an autistic girl, Mimi became her tutor and sat patiently near the black board as the girl learned to write. Such was the effect of Mimi on the lives of the children.

      Work Profile:
      • Visiting therapy dog at Sindhu Vidyalay, special school and Bal Kalyan Sanstha
      • Therapy dog at Orchid school, resource room

      Rex is old handsome Golden Retriever and a member of the Iyengar family in Pune. He is very obedient but a naughty dog. He loves to play football with Mr. Iyengar and the kids and is extremely fond of cakes. His golden coat is his most beautiful and striking feature.

      Rex is a visiting therapy dog for schools like Sindhu Vidyala and Bal Kalyan Sanstha. Rex and Animal Angels Volunteer Jhumki Iyengar bring great joy and loads of smiles to the disabled children at these schools. Rex worked as a co-therapist with psychologist Minal and Tejashree at Orchid school resource room where he worked with children with autism, speech problems and other disabilities. His owner, Jhumki Iyengar says “We are very happy that Rex is doing this work. He has made us proud parents”

      Work Profile:

      • Reading Buddy for Animal Assisted Reading sessions

      Crunk is a big, brown Labrador owned by the Chaterjee family. He is a very handsome and obedient dog. Despite his big appearance he is extremely gentle and loving with children.

      Krunk is a Reading Buddy who listens to stories read out to him by kids. He assists the volunteers of Animal Angels to conduct Animal Assisted Reading sessions in British Library and Jungle book library in Pune.

      Krunk and Kiara (a lovely female Golden Retriever) both dogs belonging Mrs. Rakhi Chaterjee volunteer with Animal Angels and help us spread smiles.

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting therapy dog

      Kiara is the youngest member of the Chaterjee family. She and her pal Krunk are both volunteers as therapy dogs with Animal Angels. She is extremely mischievous but affectionate little pup.

      Kiara is a beautiful retriever with an in born quality of sensing and fulfilling the emotional need in a person. She sits near you in such a way that you are bound to hug her or put your arm around her. Kiara is a dog with special qualities needed to work with hospitalized patients and Cancer Patients. She was the first dog to be allowed in a hospital for Cancer Patients. She demonstrated the benefit of AAT for Cancer Patients at the Ruby Hall Cancer Center Pune.

      She was also the center of attraction at a program conducted by Cancer Patients Aid Association for women Cancer Patients on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

      Three of Kiara’s pups with Scott are now working as therapy dogs. Pepe, Houdini and Thele are all working in different areas of Animal Therapy.

      Work Profile:

      • Works as a co-therapist with Minal Kavishwar for individual sessions
      • Visiting therapy dog at Orchid school
      • Therapy dog for KEM’s AAT in hospital program
      • Visiting therapy dog at SAA

      Scotty is an adorable male Golden Retriever who volunteers with his owner Mrs. Sonali Ogale. Scotty is one of our senior most and very experienced therapy dogs from Pune. Scotty is experienced in working with children with developmental disabilities and hospital set up.

      His vivacious personality has helped autistic children to come out of their inner world. He is extremely gentle and patient with kids. His presence serves as a motivation for special children to work towards personal and academic goals. He loves to sit near the blackboard and assist children to learn along with his co-therapist Minal Kavishwar and Tejashree Mujumdar.

      Scotty is the first Therapy dog in India to be allowed to work in a hospital set up along with other doctors and professionals. Scotty was the therapy dog who worked with Minal Kavishwar and team on India’s first AAT program in a hospital set up at KEM Hospital Pune. Scotty closely worked with the psychologists, play therapist and physiotherapist and psychiatrist at the KEM Hospital.

      Scotty has also worked with patients recovering from psychiatric disorders at Schizophrenia Awareness Association. His calm and friendly presence helped many of patients to open up and feel confidant.

      Work Profile:

      • Reading Buddy for Animal Assisted Reading sessions

      Misty is a female Labrador retriever and a member of the Hulikavi family. She volunteers for Animal Angels with her owner Ira Hulikavi. Together they have a great rapport and work as a team on our Animal Assisted Reading sessions. She has been a Reading Buddy at different schools in Pune under our Times of India – NIE reading programs. She has also been a part of various educational and interactive programs that we conduct for school children.

      Misty has a great temperament and is a very promising therapy dog. You can’t pass her without getting a smile on your face.

      Work Profile:
      • Reading Buddy for Animal Assisted Reading sessions
      • Visiting therapy dog.

      Genie is cute little female pug who is the darling of Gandhi family. She volunteers along with her owner Minal Gandhi as a visiting therapy dog. Her small size and friendly temperament also makes her an ideal reading buddy for young kids. Her frisky and bubbly personality has helped a child with Down’s syndrome who was not able to walk, to take is very first steps. She has also been a reading buddy at our Tails of Joy sessions at British Library and Kalmadi school.

      Work Profile:

      • Reading Buddy for Animal Assisted Reading sessions

      Before becoming a therapy dog Jinny, a female Labrador was a hidden gem, who was waiting for an outlet to all her love. She is a pampered member of the Hastak family and make a great team with her owner Joozar. Lovingly called as J&J, Joozar and Jinny conduct reading sessions for children. Jinny has been a reading buddy at Tails of Joy sessions held for children from Akanksha Foundation (organization that works for the education of underprivileged children). She has also been a reading buddy for Tails of Joy sessions at Crossword book store.

      She is a great combination of a gentle and a playful dog and her most amazing trick is to catch a balloon without bursting it !

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting therapy dog at Bal Kalyan Sanstha

      Balboa is a handsome and boisterous Labrador belonging to the Joshi family. He was named by Shonita Joshi after famous film character Rocky Balboa because of his high spirited attitude. Balboa is very naughty and as a pup has destroyed many valuable things including Shonita’s mobile.

      But the moment Shonita’s bike (Balboa rides the bike with Shonita) turns inside the gates of Bal Kalyan Sanstha, all his energy is channelized towards playing with the children disabilities. He loves to play football and is very skillful when it comes to playing with special children. He knows a way to communicate with them and children respond to him. Volunteer Shonita and Balboa are surely a wonderful therapy team.


      Gazzo is a male Cocker Spaniel and the youngest member of the Shah family. He volunteers as a Reading buddy for our Animal Assisted Reading sessions with his owner, Anisha Shah. He loves to be around kids and his is a truly entertaining character.

      Houdini and Thele

      Houdini and Thele are from the litter of Kiara and Scott. Houdini, true to her name is a mischievous little girl, but equally soft hearted and loving. She has her mother’s temperament and has time and again proved to be an excellent therapy dog. She works with Minal Kavishwar on individual cases and also visits the children at Bal Kalyan Sanstha.

      Thele is a handsome young retriever, just like his father, Scott. He has the sweetest temperament and visits along with his sister Houdini at Bal Kalyan Sanstha.

      Both of them stay with their mom Kiara and Uncle Krunk with the Chatterjee Family.

      Work Profile:

      • Reading buddy for Tails of Joy sessions

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting therapy dog at Anugraha rehabilitation centre.

      Pepsi and Kiki are two adorable female Labrador retrievers belonging to Mrs. Smita Deshpande. Mrs. Deshpande is truly dedicated to the cause of spreading the healing power of her pets and has raised both of them specifically to become therapy dogs.

      They both are very loving but have two distinct personalities. Kiki is vibrant and playful, ideal for therapy sessions with people who need stimulation. Whereas Pepsi is calm and docile, she loves to settle down by you where you can keep on petting her. She is an ideal reading buddy and a companion dog for children with special needs.

      Kiki has been a visiting dog at Anugraha rehabilitation centre and Pepsi volunteers as a reading buddy for school sessions.

      Work Profile:

      • Visiting Therapy dog for Manavya Foundation

      Tyson is a 5 year old male Boxer owned by the Date family. Mrs. Sushma Date, a pediatrician, volunteers for Animal Angels along with Tyson.

      Tyson is a very handsome dog, and a mad but loving mutt as Mrs. Date says. He is extremely gentle and loving with children. He loves to go on a trek with his family, run about on the lush green fields and swim in the lake.

      Work Profile:

      • In house therapy dog at Manavya Foundation

      Naughty is a Labrador mix pup. He is one of the pup of Therapy dog Sophie. Naughty was chosen to be an in house therapy dog for Manavya orphanage for HIV +ve children. True to his name, Naughty had enough enthusiasm to play and run around with 50 odd children at Manavya. Naughty proved to be a constant companion for the 50 children at Manavya who stay away from the city and most of them have never seen their family.

      Naughty now stays with Ms. Reena Jinwala and her daughters. As a pup Reena had taken care of Naughty and has now adopted him. Though he had to be shifted from Manavya to the Jinwala family, he has become a part of the lives of the children at Manavya and they still miss him.


      True to his name, Masti is a very mischievous, but a very loving Labrador belonging to Mrs. Vaishali Gadgil. But is spite of his ‘Masti’, he is a promising young therapy dog. He has worked with us as a reading buddy visiting schools for the Times of India – NIE programs.

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Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!

December 17, 2015December 17, 2015
Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  We at Animal Angels are happy announce our latest project with you. In a first-of-its-kind in Asia, GVK CSIA (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai) has initiated a pilot program called “Comforting Angels”, a pet therapy program in partnership with the Pune-based Animal Angels Therapy Centre at the iconic Terminal 2 in Mumbai. These wagging “Comforting Angels” are employed to soothe, comfort and de-stress passengers inside the departure terminal.  

Animal Angels Therapy Centre, the consultation branch of Animal Angels Foundation, headed by Aakash Lonkar and Minal Kavishwar,  manages this project is proud to be associated with GVK CSIA to brings such simple joys to passengers. The program has been a success at the airport and the passengers have been extremely appreciative of this ongoing adorable experience.  

Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  
High stress and high anxiety are quite common for travelers. In efforts to ease that stress, airports have tried everything from gourmet coffee shops to lounges to massage rooms. But GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) is trying something new.  

GVK CSIA is always making efforts to make their passengers experience at the airport seamless and comforting. Understanding that passengers bound for international travel experience anxiety, stress, loneliness sometimes coupled with exhaustion, insomnia or jet lag. Scientific studies show that petting a dog is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Frazzled passengers dealing with delays, missed flights, and gate changes are given the opportunity to do just that when they encounter the “Comforting Angels” patrol.  

Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  
The pilot project which has been initiated by the three trained Golden Retrievers; Therapy dogs Pepe, Goldie and Sunshine, at the GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) mean strict business when in contact with passengers.  Dressed in jackets that say “Pet Me”, the squad approaches passengers to be petted and cuddled. It’s hard to think of an excuse to ignore this squad of four legged adorable bundle of joy.

Animal Assisted Activity at Ruby Hall Cancer center

February 16, 2014February 16, 2014
To mark the World Cancer day which comes on the 4th of February, Animal Angels Foundation conducted an animal assisted visiting session at Ruby Hall Cancer center for children undergoing various treatments for cancer, on 9th February, 2013. Therapy dogs Kiara and Houdini interacted with the cancer patients at Ruby Hall along with the team of therapist. We got a tremendous response from the children who, for the first time had a great reason to visit the hospital with a smile.