Animal Assisted Education

Animal Assisted Education (AAE) is a specialized application of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) or Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) directed at students and classroom interactions.  Under this we conduct two kinds of programs: Animal Assisted Reading and Introduction to Animals.

  • Animal Assisted Reading:


“Tails of Joy” is our Animal Assisted Reading program to enhance literacy skills and to encourage the joys of reading through interaction with trained animals. This program intends to enrich the literacy skills of children in an effective and interesting manner.

Animals are ideal reading companions because unlike peers, animals are attentive listeners; they don’t judge or criticize, so children are more comfortable and inclined to forget about their own fears. Children with low self esteem are often more willing to interact with an animal than other people. Further during such interactions, they forget their limitations. It is seen that children find reading to an animal less intimidating and transforms formerly dreaded reading events into a positive experience.

At a typical reading session, our therapy dog is introduced as a ‘Reading Buddy’, a dog who loves to listen to stories. “Would you like to read out a story to your reading buddy?” we ask the child. The child who may find it boring or difficult to read out loud in front of a grown up, will read out enthusiastically to the dog. The dog does not laugh at them or frown on them for making mistakes and the child is guided by the special educator present for the session.

This program is ideal for young children as it develops interest in them towards reading. It is recommended for children with reading and learning differences as the animals provides a unique environment where the child overcomes him inhibitions and differences. This program is not only for children with reading and learning disabilities but also for normal children who lack interest in reading activates or find it difficult to read out loud in front of a group.

We conduct these sessions at Libraries, Bookstores, playgroups and schools.

Crossword Bookstore-Mumbai, Pune

Times NIE, Pune

British Library, Pune

Jungle Book children’s Library, Pune

Akanksha Foundation, Pune

Hippocampus Children Library, Bangalore

Reading program – Shamrao Kalmadi Highschool, Pune

Blue Cross Society

  • Introduction to Animals:


It is seen that children who grow up caring for animals, grow up to be compassionate and understanding human beings.

“IntroductiontoAnimals” is a program specially designed for normal school children where the children get an opportunity to interact with animals and also get to learn about them.

The education today’s child gets is textbook oriented. Even subjects like ‘environmental science’ are taught from textbooks. It is very necessary that a child learns to be sensitive about the environment that he lives in and should also learn to respect and protect it. Unfortunately children do not get enough chance to explore their environment.

Through this program we educate the children about the domestic animals around them. We take various animals to the school and give them information about each animals, its grooming, feeding, handling etc. Every child get a firsthand experience in handling, touching the animal. The program also helps certain children overcome their fears and misconception about certain animals.

Euro Kids

Jungle book

Nursery Project

Sharda Balvadi Nursery School

Little Flower Nursery School

Jack n Jill Nursery school

A.K Joshi School

Vikhe Patil school, Pune

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Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!

December 17, 2015December 17, 2015
Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  We at Animal Angels are happy announce our latest project with you. In a first-of-its-kind in Asia, GVK CSIA (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai) has initiated a pilot program called “Comforting Angels”, a pet therapy program in partnership with the Pune-based Animal Angels Therapy Centre at the iconic Terminal 2 in Mumbai. These wagging “Comforting Angels” are employed to soothe, comfort and de-stress passengers inside the departure terminal.  

Animal Angels Therapy Centre, the consultation branch of Animal Angels Foundation, headed by Aakash Lonkar and Minal Kavishwar,  manages this project is proud to be associated with GVK CSIA to brings such simple joys to passengers. The program has been a success at the airport and the passengers have been extremely appreciative of this ongoing adorable experience.  

Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  
High stress and high anxiety are quite common for travelers. In efforts to ease that stress, airports have tried everything from gourmet coffee shops to lounges to massage rooms. But GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) is trying something new.  

GVK CSIA is always making efforts to make their passengers experience at the airport seamless and comforting. Understanding that passengers bound for international travel experience anxiety, stress, loneliness sometimes coupled with exhaustion, insomnia or jet lag. Scientific studies show that petting a dog is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Frazzled passengers dealing with delays, missed flights, and gate changes are given the opportunity to do just that when they encounter the “Comforting Angels” patrol.  

Animal Angels Comforting Angels at Mumbai International Airport!  
The pilot project which has been initiated by the three trained Golden Retrievers; Therapy dogs Pepe, Goldie and Sunshine, at the GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) mean strict business when in contact with passengers.  Dressed in jackets that say “Pet Me”, the squad approaches passengers to be petted and cuddled. It’s hard to think of an excuse to ignore this squad of four legged adorable bundle of joy.

Animal Assisted Activity at Ruby Hall Cancer center

February 16, 2014February 16, 2014
To mark the World Cancer day which comes on the 4th of February, Animal Angels Foundation conducted an animal assisted visiting session at Ruby Hall Cancer center for children undergoing various treatments for cancer, on 9th February, 2013. Therapy dogs Kiara and Houdini interacted with the cancer patients at Ruby Hall along with the team of therapist. We got a tremendous response from the children who, for the first time had a great reason to visit the hospital with a smile.